Set Notes

Recolections from the floor

The Night Manager / Ink Factory

London, Mallorca and Morocco
The Night Manager was an amazing experience, the script was excellent, the acting talent exceptional and the behind the camera was also a first class team of Susanne Bier (director), Tom Burton (designer) and Michael Snyman (DOP).

We only had 10 weeks of pre-production before filming started in the UK, the locations list numbered over 100 separate locations across the UK, 3 Mediterranean countries and 2 Middle East countries. Very quickly we needed to focus on the most appropriate counties which could handle a shoot of this number of settings. Morocco and Mallorca soon became the best places to film in, being relatively close to London and offering skilled crew, Morocco could offer the busy Cairo streets and then with 30 mins drive to an arid desert mountain range to hide a mercenary army. Mallorca has such a variety of looks we managed to film over 5 different country locations including Washington DC!

Supervising this number of locations and locations crew was very exciting and fulfilling, my thanks goes out to the whole team for this amazing effort.