Set Notes

Recolections from the floor

How I Live Now / Cowboy Films

Cardiff Airport, Wales

This film was shot all in Wales, the opening sequence takes place at an airport and Cardiff Airport was the nearest to our production base. We needed to militarise the airport with heavily armed police and army personal with weapons, a tank, and rocket launchers outside the building complete the look and on a nearby road a check point.

I arranged to close a set of roads which ran along the borders of the airport and the art department placed the concrete pillboxes. I also had to get the road lines repainted, Cardiff Borough Council where very helpful by repainting these at short notice. We filmed here for half a day, the sequence only lasts a few seconds but it took quite a few weeks of negotiations with the local authorities to do this.

Cardiff Airport where also very accommodating to our demands, we built a couple of sets inside the terminal building and allowed us to fill the place with heavily armed personnel - I think the real passengers just thought security had been beefed up for their own safety!