Set Notes

Recolections from the floor

A Royal Night Out / Ecosse Films

Kingston-upon-Hull, Chatsworth House, Belvoir Castle and London

Turning Kingston-upon-Hull into 1945 Central London for the forth coming release. Telling the untold story of the two Princesses and their night out with the people in London on VE Night.

The brief was, where can we film 1940's London? Certainly not in London these days so we looked all over the UK finally settling on this forgotten city by the Humber!

What we found was large civic architecture, winding passages and a willing city council to help. For Piccadilly we closed the main street through Hull for two all-night shoots, then in the nearby by street of ‘Land of Green Ginger’ we boarded over modern shops and repainted a period pub to suit back street Soho. Three weeks of night shoots all over Hull then we moved to Chatsworth House and Belvoir Castle for interiors of Buckingham Palace. Finally we arrived in London for the epic locations, Trafalgar Square, then Mall and Buckingham Palace.