Tom Howard

Film & Television Location Manager

Comprehensive International Location Management

Welcome to my website.

As we enter 2022 I am hoping this website will give you an idea of my experience and wealth of knowledge I can bring to your production.

A brief biography, I started out at Amazing Space Location Library learning how to scout, photograph and uncover new locations for the library. After 18 months I moved into becoming a freelance location scout, working for location managers on specific productions this soon took me into location assisting. My first location managing job was a 20 second television commercial for a hayfever product, which lead onto a TV sketch comedy then on to drama production and into feature films.

Since the arrival of high end television production this has added to the scale and complexity of location filming, requiring more staff and sizeable support services has progressed my development into a supervising location manager. I have also scouted and managed filming in various overseas countries from the Caribbean to North Africa on productions such as Hanna 2, The Night Manager and The Worricker Series.

Ever since starting at a location library my scouting skills have always been in demand. My personal scouting experience includes Greater London, the Home Counties, Greater Manchester, North and South Wales, the Yorkshire Dales and Moors, Isle of Skye and Southern Ireland. Many of these scouted locations are unique and in many cases un-filmed. When invited I always try and attend international film commission trips abroad with the last one I attended took me to Western Norway.

My foreign location scouting experience has taken me across many borders including the British Virgin Islands, Germany, Morocco, Mallorca and the cities of Paris, Barcelona, Frankfurt and Wiesbaden.

Directors I have worked with include: Lena Dunham (Catherine, Called Birdy), Marc Munden (The Secret Garden), Philippa Lowenthorpe (Misbehaviour!), Suzanne Bier (The Night Manager), Sir David Hare (The Worricker Series) and Michael Winterbottom (The Look of Love).

Production Designers include: Eugenio Caballero (A Monster Calls), Cristina Casali (Misbehaviour), Grant Montgomery (The Secret Garden), Luke Hull (Howards End), Helen Scott (Wuthering Heights & Mothering Sunday) and Thom Burton (The Night Manager).